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Ducks Hatching Soon!

 We have duck eggs in the library!  As part of an SOS fundraiser, raffle tickets are being sold. Which eggs will hatch first? Watch the live stream below! The eggs should be hatching sometime between April 29 and May 6. 

New Announcement Crew Needed!

  Lizzie and Bill will be graduating next month, so we are looking for a whole new crew that can come in and do the announcements on a daily basis! If you would like to join the announcement team, please fill out the application form.   In the next weeks, we will be having guest announcers to try out the system. Lizzie and Bill will walk you through the process and teach you the announcing ropes.  Announcements are recorded Zero hour for the audio announcements. The video announcements are done on Thursdays after school. If you have any questions, see Mr. Janu in the ARC. JHHS ANNOUNCEMENTS APPLICATION

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