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ARCLight Podcast: "The Cost of Saving a Life" - An interview with Katie Standefer

  The first episode of Season 2 of the ARCLight Podcast has dropped. In this episode, 2003 Hersey graduate Kati Standefer talks about her book, Lightning Flowers: My Journey to Uncover the Cost of Saving a Life.  When she was 24, Kati went into cardiac arrest and ended up getting a cardiac defibrillator wired into her chest. That device, though, malfunctioned several years later, sending three powerful shocks to her heart. The device was supposed to save her life, yet there she was writhing on the ground in pain. That incident prompted a global journey of inquiry. She wanted to know what the cost was to create that device, not just on her, but on the people who mined the minerals and on the environment. This led her across the United States, and to Madagascar and Rwanda. On this episode of the ARCLight Podcast, Kati discusses that journey, the writing of the book and how Lightning Flowers was her "attempt to figure out how to keep being a living person." Listen below, or a

New Music Matters -- A 1973 Album Produced by John Hersey High School's Music Department

Welcome to the new season of Music Matters!  Our first episode is a time capsule taking us back to the Spring of 1973. That year, the John Hersey High School Music Department put out a record album, featuring live performances by the Chamber Choir and the Freshman Girls' Chorus.  The record contains a wonderful collection of pop hits from the early 70s, plus some great musical numbers as well. The pictures on the back are gloriously retro, featuring some marvelous plaid bell-bottom jumpsuits. This episode will be streaming all month on Huskie Radio. Plus, you listen to it on demand at Mixcloud or below:

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