Go Duck Go!

 It is go time for the ducks. The ducks should start hatching sometime during the week of May 6. Which one will hatch first?  Watch below!

The ARCLight Student Film Festival is Here!

Join us as we present 22 films from talented filmmakers from across the world. Hosted by junior Matthew Banholzer, the ARCLight Student Film Festival starts at 7pm(CST) streaming on YouTube. Join the chat here , or simply watch below. Nominees and winners will be announced at the end of the show.  

The Ducks are Here!

Once again, the ARC is hosting Duckwatch 2024 ! This is a fundraiser from Hersey's SOS Club, and this year they will be supporting Lemons of Love . This organization puts together care packages for people enduring cancer treatment.  Raffle tickets are being sold by students in SOS.

The JHHS Archives are Open

After collecting boxes of materials -- everything from letters to photos, calendars to yearbooks, we have begun the process of creating collections and cataloguing the materials Our first collection is called The 1968 Dedication and features materials related to the dedication of John Hersey High School on November 9-10, 1968. The collection includes photographs, letters, programs, newspapers and video. All material is available online. The 1968 Dedication in the first collection of the JHHS Archives to be catalogued. The purpose of the JHHS Archives is to maintain and preserve items related to the history of John Hersey High School. The archive contains items directly related to John Hersey himself, plus various pertinent materials cataloged for the purpose of preserving the history and traditions of the school. We endeavor to place as much as possible online to allow for maximum access. ORGANIZATION OF THE ARCHIVES The JHHS Archives is organized into “Collections” and each collectio

Did you "Barbenheimer" this summer?

  Barbie and Oppenheimer were two of the biggest movies this summer.  Did you check them out?  Come down to the library to check out our books that will extend that experience!  Plus, we have an official ARC "Barbenheimer" playlist on Spotify.  Check it out!

Some new changes...

Welcome back, everybody! There are some changes this year in the ARC. We have a new self-checkout station, so you can checkout books at any time. It's quick and easy!  Plus, you can print from your iPads and the help desk is now located in the "Yellow Zone" in the ARC! Check out this video for the updates! The ARC also has new hours. The ARC will now be open from 7:30 to 3:00 pm daily. For those of you who liked to hang out in the ARC after school will have to go to the commons. Stop down to the ARC to check things out!

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