Monday, September 12, 2022

ARCLight Podcast: "The Cost of Saving a Life" - An interview with Katie Standefer


The first episode of Season 2 of the ARCLight Podcast has dropped. In this episode, 2003 Hersey graduate Kati Standefer talks about her book, Lightning Flowers: My Journey to Uncover the Cost of Saving a Life. 

When she was 24, Kati went into cardiac arrest and ended up getting a cardiac defibrillator wired into her chest. That device, though, malfunctioned several years later, sending three powerful shocks to her heart. The device was supposed to save her life, yet there she was writhing on the ground in pain. That incident prompted a global journey of inquiry. She wanted to know what the cost was to create that device, not just on her, but on the people who mined the minerals and on the environment. This led her across the United States, and to Madagascar and Rwanda. On this episode of the ARCLight Podcast, Kati discusses that journey, the writing of the book and how Lightning Flowers was her "attempt to figure out how to keep being a living person."

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Thursday, September 8, 2022

New Music Matters -- A 1973 Album Produced by John Hersey High School's Music Department

Welcome to the new season of Music Matters!  Our first episode is a time capsule taking us back to the Spring of 1973. That year, the John Hersey High School Music Department put out a record album, featuring live performances by the Chamber Choir and the Freshman Girls' Chorus. 

The record contains a wonderful collection of pop hits from the early 70s, plus some great musical numbers as well. The pictures on the back are gloriously retro, featuring some marvelous plaid bell-bottom jumpsuits.

This episode will be streaming all month on Huskie Radio. Plus, you listen to it on demand at Mixcloud or below:

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Attention Alum from 1972, '82 and '02

Homecoming is on the way, and the classes of 1972, '82 and '02 have reunions and homecoming activities planned. How about being a part of Huskie Radio, too?

We are working on a special alumni episode of our show Music Matters. We are looking for alum from those years to record a short intro for a song that reminds you of your time at Hersey High School. That recording will be used in our Music Matters show, which will stream on Huskie Radio and be available on-demand via Mixcloud.

This is super easy to do:

1) Pick a song you would like to introduce. This song should be something from your time at Hersey -- a song that reminds you of a specific event, or person, or activity associated with Hersey High School.

2) Using a voice recording app on your phone, record a short introduction to the song and tell a little bit about why that song reminds you of your time at Hersey.  Be sure to include your name and your graduation year. See some examples below. Send the file to

3) Or, simply call 847-718-5095 and leave your intro as a message. It is that easy.

Last year, we did a special Homecoming episode featuring staff members who are also alumni. You can listen to that episode here: 

Here are some examples of how this can be done. 

"My name is John Doe, Hersey class of '82. What I remember most about Hersey is having John Hersey himself come to school and talk to the students. I remember sitting in the gym, Hersey talking about his books and why the young people are the future. We had read Hiroshima in class, and it was really cool seeing him in person. My senior year was a year of memories that I look back on very fondly. This song came out in 1981 and I distinctly remember it playing at Prom. This is Styx with the "Best of Times."

"Hi. My name is Norma Smith. I graduated from Hersey in 1972. I was involved in Choir and music was a big part of my life at that time. In the Spring of 72, right before graduating, the Choir put on an end of year show, and that show contained a medley of popular songs at the time. One of the songs we sang was 'Joy to the World.' Every time I hear that song, I think of my time in choir at John Hersey High School. Here it is: 'Joy to the World' by Three Dog Night."

If you have any questions, please contact Bruce Janu, the head librarian at Hersey High School. Thank you for being a part of this soon-to-be annual tradition! Click here to download a pdf to share.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Huskie Radio is Here!

Huskie Radio is online!

Right now, we are testing our stream and will soon be broadcasting right out of the ARC Studio in the Library. Also, students will be commanding these airwaves soon. We will hold auditions for the Huskie Radio Morning Show, and offer other times and slots for students who want to become DJs and host programing on Huskie Radio.

We have registered with the FCC, and will also be paying royalties through SoundExchange.

Right now, we have several thousand songs in our library, which is nearly a week of music playing constantly without ever hearing the same song twice. About 75% of our music rotation is Top 40 and recent hits. Then about 10% Classic Rock, 10% 80s/90s and 5% Oldies.

6am-12am -- Regular Rotation: Hits and Greats

12am-1am -- Midnight Blues: An hour of classic Blues to ease you into your early morning or late night, depending on your mood.

1am-3am -- Overnight Jazz: Two hours of an eclectic mix of jazz, from Dixieland, to Swing to BeBop -- we have it all.

3am - 6am Classical Café: Wake up to a relaxing mix of the best classical music out there.

Check out the recently played list below. If you would like a direct line to the stream, click here:

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Huskie Radio Coming Soon!


Huskie Radio is coming soon! Introducing a new online radio station, programmed and run by students! We will have student DJs, a student-run morning show, news and more!!

Auditions for the morning show will be held in August.

Huskie Radio will feature all sorts of music -- from Top 40, to Classic Rock, to the music of the decades--Plus, Jazz and Classical as well. The station will stream 24/7 from the Academic Resource Center, and can be accessed via this website or any provider of online radio.

We will also have a downloadable app as well.

More information, click here

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Music Matters - The Music of TikTok

The social media platform TikTok has played a role in popularizing music. On this final episode of the year, Freshman Amreen Tejani takes a look at some of the biggest songs on TikTok this last year and spins some Olivia Rodrigo, Kid Cudi, Ed Sheeran, Glass Animals, Jaymes Young, and many more! 

Listen below, or on Mixcloud

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Summer 2022 Playlist - Songs about Summer!

Well, summer is just about here. How about some songs that celebrate summer?  Take a listen to our Summer 2022 playlist. Perhaps you'll be sitting on a beach somewhere, reading your summer reading book --- what better soundtrack than songs that feature "summer " or "summertime" in the title?

Enjoy your summer!