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Wanna Be a DJ?

We have a music show called, Music Matters . This is your chance to produce and host an episode. We are looking for students and staff who want to produce a show of Music Matters.  The show can be about anything -- a Billboard top 10 countdown for the week, an episode about Country music, or punk. Goth. Showtunes. Movie music.  The possibilities are endless. This is the first step in creating an actual internet radio station that runs out of the ARC, 24/7. More information coming soon! Join us for a quick meeting on Monday, January 24 during lunch periods and after school in the ARC, room 125D for some information, and some forms to fill out if you would like to host.  This is a great opportunity to learn equipment and Adobe Audition as well -- a great step if you are wanting to get into the audio production business. More information, see Mr. Janu in the ARC. In the meantime, here are some documents to get you started: Music Matters Informational Packet Music Matters Script Example Mu

Music Matters: 2021, In Memoriam

On this episode of Music Matters, senior Bill Waltz takes us through the artists and musicians we lost in 2021. He plays the hits of many, including The Monkees, Kansas, DMX, BJ Thomas, Lloyd Price and many, many more. Nearly 1000 notable artists in the music world passed away in 2021,, and by no means do we cover them all. For a complete list visit We Heart Music . Listen below, or on the MixCloud app. 

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