Huskie Radio


Coming soon!  John Hersey High School's own radio station!

Introducing Huskie Radio -- a student-run online radio station streaming 24/7 out of the ARC.  Huskie Radio will feature music from every decade, including Top 40, Jazz, Classical ---  we play everything!

Plus, student DJs and news.

More information coming soon!

Students, are you interested in the morning show or being a DJ? We will be holding auditions for pairs of people wanting to be a part of our LIVE morning show in August. Stay tuned! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I listen to Huskie Radio?

Huskie Radio streams online. When available, you will be able to listen via this website, or through various online radio station aggregators. Eventually, you will be able to download an app and listen anytime.

How do students get involved?

We will be providing more information soon. Auditions will be held for students who want to produce our LIVE morning show that will stream from the ARC from 7:30-8:30 am. We will also have a lunch crew as well.  If any student has a study hall, or early dismissal and want to use that time to DJ on a radio program, there will be opportunities. Plus, clubs will also be given opportunities to produce weekly or monthly shows as well.

What types of music will you be playing?

We have an extensive playlist. Whereas most terrestrial radio stations have playlists that number a couple of hundreds of songs, Huskie Radio boasts a playlist of thousands. Yes, we will play Top 40. But we will also have time slots devoted to Jazz and Classical music as well.  Our main rotation will feature a mix of music, from Top 40 to recent hits. Plus, some Classic Rock and oldies thrown in as well.

Once the station is up and running, students will help program the music played.

How do you deal with royalties? Is the station copyright compliant?

Songs cannot be played unless the artists are compensated via royalties. Being an educational institution, Huskie Radio qualifies for special rates the US Copyright Board has set for Nonprofit Educational Broadcasters.  Huskie Radio has filed a notice to stream copyrighted music with the Copyright Royalty Board and pays a yearly fee through SoundExchange, the government agency assigned to distributing royalty payments to copyright holders.

On our end, we need to file with SoundExchange a detailed list of songs and the number of listening hours per month.

As an Nonprofit Educational Broadcaster, are there any limits to broadcasting?

All online radio stations broadcasting out of the United States need to follow the stipulations outlined in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Therefore, the broadcasts need to follow these guidelines:

  •  The broadcast needs to be "non-interactive." That is, playlists cannot be pre-announced and requests cannot be taken. 
  • No more than 4 tracks by a particular artist in any given 3-hour period. No more than 3 of those tracks can be consecutive.
  • No more than 3 tracks from the same album in any given 3-hour period.

In order for us to keep this license, the total listening hours per month needs to be 159,140 Aggregate Tuning Hours or less. An aggregate tuning hour is 1 listener, listening for 1 hour. If 10 people listen for 2 hours, that equates to 20 aggregate tuning hours. This will be calculated on a month-by-month basis. If the station comes close to that number, we will need to adjust the hours available of our stream in order to keep our license.