Some Like It Hot -- The next ARCLight Film!


Some Like It Hot is considered to be one of the greatest films ever made, and one of the funniest. Set in 1929, Joe and Jerry (played by Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon) are jazz musicians who witness a prohibition-era mob killing (inspired by the St. Valentine's Day Massacre). When they are discovered as witnesses to the crime and the mob sends out hitmen to "off" the duo, they dress like women and join an all-female jazz ensemble.  And hilarity ensues, especially when they both try to win the attention of Sugar Kane (played by Marilyn Monroe), the band's lead vocalist and ukulele player -- while trying to keep their identities hidden.

The film is critically acclaimed. Due to the themes, however, the film was made in 1958 outside of the "Hayes Code."  They Hayes Code was the prominent  self-censorship system that ruled Hollywood from the mid-30s to the late 60s.  The Hayes Code was strictly enforced for much of that time, and the filmmakers were afraid that the crossdressing displayed in the movie would be subject to censorship. The film was made anyway without approval.  And it became a hit.

This signaled the beginning of the end of the Hayes code. It would be replaced in 1968 by the ratings system that we have today.

This month we are proud to screen Some Like it Hot. Open to the public. 

Tuesday, December 14 at 7pm in the ARC.


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