Harold and Maude at the ARCLight November 9

When it was released in 1971, Harold and Maude received mixed reviews and low box office attendance. People thought the film was weird. And a little too dark.

However, within a decade--with the film getting a second life on VHS tape--attitudes changed. By the 80s, Harold and Maude was an acclaimed masterpiece.  

Harold and Maude tells the story of two people, separated by over 50 years, making a connection. Harold, played by Burt Cort, is a morose young man, obsessed with death. Maude, played brilliantly by Ruth Gordon, is a nearly 80 year-old woman who meets Harold at a funeral. Her attitude and love of life is infectious, and Harold catches it and is changed. 

Today, the film is critically acclaimed. Mark Caro, critic in Chicago, recently wrote about Harold and Maude in the New York Times.  "I’m sorry, "Harold and Maude,” for denying you for so long," he writes.  "You’re my favorite movie once again." 

We will be screening Harold and Maude on Tuesday, November 9 for the ARCLight Film Series. 

Free and open to the public. Screening starts at 7pm in room 124F.


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