Harold and Maude -- TONIGHT -- 7pm

 Why come to see Harold and Maude? This trailer has three great reasons:

Harold and Maude was released in 1971. When it was released, people didn't know how to take the film. After all, it is essentially a love story between two people nearly 50 years apart in age. I remember renting it on VHS in high school in the 80s, and was really taken with its dark humor. By that time, public opinion had changed and Harold and Maude was considered a classic. 

Despite all of its darkness, there is a tremendous amount of heart in Harold and Maude. Ruth Gordon is a treasure. And the soundtrack from Cat Stevens is a classic.

The film screens as part of our ARCLight Film Series, bringing you classic films, cult films and films of cultural significance. Harold and Maude definitely fits that bill.

The screening starts at 7pm. I will briefly introduce the film, talking about its historical place and a little about director Hal Ashby. Then, stay for a discussion.

See you in the ARC!


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